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fighting like hell for you.

where worlds fail ... music speaks

xxmusic rock

dan humphrey/blair waldorf
you know you love them too.

damn girl, dry your eyes. you stole
my heart and then you kicked it aside.

the all american rejects - damn girl

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"i come from a land down under..."

s'right. i am from the land of oz. and what do you do down on one of the biggest islands on the earth? you do what i do. watch tv, listen to music and well... make icons.

music: yellowcard / josh kelley / the veronicas / fall out boy / my chemical romance / gym class heroes / justin timberlake / the used / the red jumpsuit apparatus / maroon 5 / panic! at the disco / linkin park / evanescence / the all-american rejects / thirsty merc / sneaky sound system / wolfmother / pete murray

tv: grey's anatomy / private practice / how i met your mother / mythbusters / ncis / lie to me / gossip girl / one tree hill / supernatural / friday night lights / good news week / burn notice / the o.c. / the simpsons / america's next top model / so you think you can dance australia / futurama / alias / rove

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"cats are shit."
danny bhoy - comedian

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